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As a result of the mix of Eastern and Western culture, Turkish art can be very varied. Drawing portraits was forbidden until the 16th century, which forced artists to use lot of floral and geometrical motifs. These motifs were applied in painting, carving, weaving, inlaying, filigreeing, and embroidery. But there are other artistic areas less well-known, like book binding, jewelry crafting, copper-making, calligraphy, and ebru (paper marbling). During your tours, you can visit these artists, even try out what they do if you would like to. If you have a special interest in any of these arts, let us know and we can design your own Turkish art tour specifically for the art(s) you’re interested in.


» The famous tomato-red color was only produced in the 16th century, after which no one has been able to quite
catch the same tone of the red again.
» In kundekari, a distinctive wood-inlaying technique, special materials like mother of pearl, ivory, and different
colors of wood are inlayed without the help of pins or glue.
» In Ottoman times, because of their art value, books were expensive items and were sometimes used as
donations to mosques.





Their expertise improving over the centuries, Turks became professionals in the technical elements of weaving, knotting, and coloring. Compositions and patterns reflect the Anatolian soul.



The Turkish from of tiles (painted glaze bricks) derived from Chinese culture, with their distinctive blue & white. Turquoise, green, brown, red, yellow, and purple were added in succeeding centuries.




In Ottoman times, books were valuable gifts or donations when decorated with marbling. Because of the technique and the patterns, Turkish marbling is very special.



Skillful twists of tiny brushes on the paper are the skill of a calligrapher, hence the term ‘the art of writing.’ Different styles from different periods produce high-quality, creative art.




Delicate dances of metals and stone, jewel crafters are like different type of musicians, composing their poems into silver, gold, amethyst, corals, emeralds, rubies, turquoises and brilliants… Today, special jewel designers crate old style items as well as unique pieces…



Carved, inlayed, or painted wood was used as doors, boxes, dowry chests or furniture, and important from of decoration everywhere, from palace rooms to mosques.


Imagine how will you feel when you see color dropped or sprinkled from your brush while making your own ebru (paper marbling)


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