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HacibektasHaci Bektas Veli Museum


The Museum, former dervishes lodge also called “dergâh” of Hacıbektaş, consists of three courtyards lied side by side.


First courtyard: (Nadar avlusu): You entered the courtyard by a  big arched door.  On the right side,are the “Ucler cesmesi “(set of three fountains), built in 1902. Also can be found a Laundry-room and a turkish bath .


Second courtyard (Dergah Avlusu): Entrance door of this yard is called “Ucler Kapisi” (set of three Doors). On the right side, there is a Fountain with sculptured lions built in 1554 , which  lions were sent from Egypt by Kavalali Mehmet Ali Pahsa’s daughter in 1875. This fountain is known as the “ Fountain with Lions”. Further there is a  mosque, built by the Sultan Mahmut II., a guest house and the kitchens.


Third courtyard (Hazret Avlusu): The entrance door is called “Altılar Kapisi” (set of Six Doors).  This  courtyard consists of a main garden within you can find the tombs of the dervishes Tomb, influenced by Seldjoukide art .


HacibektasThe entrance of the tomb has Seldjoukide motifs carved marble doors.  His engraved green sarcophagus is decorated with delicate Chandeliers.  There is a small prayer  room and  a place where the dervishes used to perform the ceremonial dance called “Kırklar Meydanı. Hacı Bektas Veli and Khorasan Erens were buried on the east side, Celebies and Güvenç Abdal on the west side of the Kırklar Meydanı.  In 1519, Balim Sultan’s Tomb was added on the right side of the main Garden.









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